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Sometimes Ending the Assignment is Best for Everyone

okmulgee divorce attorneyYou have now had a parenting coordinator appointed. Parenting coordinator appointments may specify a termination date in the order. If that is the case, sometimes the appointment may last a year or two or three years.

One way to end the assignment is simply to wait out that time. It is not the only way, however. There are other ways to end a parenting coordinator assignment if you feel that the parent coordinator is not helping you with custody issues in your divorce any longer.

If you are thinking about ending the assignment of your parenting coordinator, the first place to check would be with your Okmulgee divorce attorney. They can help you understand your best course of action, and they will be there every step of the way.

Reasons for Ending the Assignment

divorce attorney okmulgeeParenting coordinators will be ordered by the court in high conflict cases or if both parents agree to have one. This difference is instrumental when looking at how to end an assignment of a parenting coordinator.

Typically, ending a parenting coordinator assignment happens by noticed motion before the court. When a parenting coordinator has been appointed by the court in a high conflict case, the motion must show that the parenting coordinator is either not meeting the needs of their position, or the case is no longer a high conflict case. To that end, it is helpful when both parents agree that this coordinator is not right for the case.

Sometimes, a parenting coordinator can help in the short term but is a bad fit for the parents in the long term. This may mean obvious biases on the part of the parenting coordinator. A parenting coordinator must be a neutral third party. When that neutrality is absent, it can make for a bad situation for the parties.

This could mean that a parenting coordinator is not performing their duties to the best of their abilities. Sometimes, life gets in the way of even the best-intentioned of parenting coordinators.

Sometimes, what starts as a more contentious situation eases over time. Parents begin to be able to work together more easily. Whatever the reasons, you must clearly state them within the motion before the court.

Procedures for Ending the Assignment

okmulgee attorney divorceIn some Oklahoma counties, parents must bring their concerns to the parenting coordinator for resolution before filing unnoticed portion in court for the removal. That allows the parenting coordinator the opportunity to address the concerns raised by the parent or parents in the situation.

Sometimes this procedure is outlined in the order itself. Sometimes parents must check local rules regarding this situation. In either case, you may bring your questions to your Okmulgee family law attorney for clarification.

There are times when one parent may desire to end the assignment and the other may wish to keep that parenting coordinator. When that is the case, there must be a hearing on the motion. Evidence must be presented regarding the parenting coordinator’s performance, bias, unfitness, or any other reason that may affect the parenting coordinator’s work in the case. The judge then decides whether the parenting coordinator should be removed.

When ending a parenting coordinator’s assignment, parents should realize that a parenting coordinator may be reinstated or another may be appointed if the need exists at a future point in time. The best interests of the children continue to be the standard against which courts make decisions. Whatever is in the best interests of the child is what the court will do, whether that’s ending or continuing the appointment.

This is an area in which your Okmulgee child custody lawyer can help. Bring your questions and concerns to your family law attorney. They can help you understand what your best options are, and how to get what you need.

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