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parenting coordinator in OklahomaA parenting coordinator in Oklahoma charges money for the services they provide. Therefore, you may be curious about who pays for parenting coordinator services.

Parents pay a parenting coordinator’s fees. Usually, it is money well spent. In the long run, parenting coordinators can save parents hundreds if not thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees and costs.

Parenting coordinators can resolve small matters quickly, and save parents from having to negotiate these matters themselves. Your Okmulgee divorce attorney can help you understand how best to use the services of a parenting coordinator. If you are looking for a good parenting coordinator, your attorney can help you find someone who is respected in the community.

Parenting Coordinator Costs

No court will appoint a parenting coordinator unless the parents are able to pay the costs involved. Costs for a parenting coordinator are most often allocated between the parents by looking at parents’ income.

The formula is similar to that used for child support. An online child support calculator provided by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services can provide you more information. Your Okmulgee family lawyer can also help you get an idea of what that figure might look like.

Basically, if the parents’ income is such that they split the cost of child support evenly, it is likely that the parenting coordinator costs will also be split evenly between them. However, parents may agree to a different allocation of parenting coordinating costs between themselves if there is good cause to do so. The state and the courts do not assume responsibility for paying the costs involved.

Parenting Coordinator Costs Vary

Parenting coordinators have varying specialties. Many are lawyers who specialize in family law. These attorneys generally charge their regular hourly rate.

Some are mental health professionals who are skilled in conflict resolution and have a broad knowledge of parenting conflicts. These too, often charge their normal hourly fee.

You want to find a parenting coordinator who will fit your particular needs and budget. When you request the appointment, you should know your position regarding how to pay the fees.

Your Okmulgee divorce attorney will have had experience with parenting coordinators. Bring your questions and concerns to your attorney, so you can make the best use of the skills and services a parenting coordinator provides.

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