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parenting coordinators in OklahomaSo, you may be in the market for parenting coordinators in Oklahoma. Thus, you may be wondering what qualifications you should be looking for in a parenting coordinator.

Parenting coordinators are licensed professionals. They are experienced in terms of working with families and have a legal background. When you’re shopping around for a parenting coordinator, you may want to ask your Okmulgee divorce attorney for recommendations.

Parenting Coordinators: Qualifications

Not everyone can be an Oklahoma parenting coordinator. In order to qualify as a parenting coordinator, one must have a master’s degree in a behavioral health field, have training and certification in mediation, or be a licensed mental health professional or attorney practicing in an area related to families.

Local communities may lessen the stringency of this standard, but they may not increase this standard. A parenting coordinator who is not a licensed attorney must be careful not to engage in the unauthorized practice of law while performing parenting coordinator duties.

Okmulgee child custody cases can be messy. A qualified parenting coordinator can make a positive difference in those cases. In the long run, using a qualified parenting coordinator’s services can be cost and time-effective.

Parenting Coordinator Required Disclosures

Parenting coordinators in Oklahoma must make certain disclosures to parties seeking their services. They are required to provide a resume as well as information about any suspensions, reprimands, or formal punishments relevant to their position as a parenting coordinator. Finally, they must disclose any criminal convictions or required sex offender registrations within the past 10 years.

These rules apply whether the court appoints the coordinator or one (or both) parents makes the decision. Once the disclosures are made, the parties have 15 days to object to the appointment of that  parenting coordinator.

In objecting to a parenting coordinator, it can be helpful to the court to have an alternative in mind. Therefore, it may be helpful to present the name, resume, and qualifications of another potential parenting coordinator to the court.

Parenting Coordinators: A Question Of Fit

A parenting coordinator who fits one case may not fit another case. Sometimes, it is just a matter of fit.

For example, if your divorce case involves domestic violence, harassment, or stalking, your parenting coordinator must also have had at least 16 hours of domestic violence training. In other cases, it can be more helpful to come from the mental health perspective than from the legal perspective.

If you have any questions about parenting coordinators in Oklahoma or about your family law case, consult with an experienced Okmulgee family lawyer. Each case is different, and each case deserves to be handled with the best of care.

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