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parenting coordinatorParenting coordinators in Okmulgee are basically divided between two groups of professional fields. Both fields provide parenting coordinators with skills. Basic skills include knowledge of the law, good communication skills, and knowledge with regard to issues facing divorcing couples with children. Some parenting coordinators are attorneys with a significant amount of experience with family law issues, particularly particular custody issues. Others are mental health professionals who are licensed and have special training in mediation and legal issues pertaining to custody. If you are looking for a parenting coordinator to handle your case, consider asking your Okmulgee divorce attorney for recommendations.

Knowing The Rules: An Important Criterion

First and foremost, it is important that a parenting coordinator understand the limitations of their duties. This involves understanding and adhering to limitations regarding what they may and may not do. Their role is limited to making recommendations regarding small issues such as a one-time change in a visitation schedule.

Unfortunately, from time to time a parenting coordinator may move beyond those boundaries and make decisions they’re not really entitled to make. Your Okmulgee child custody attorney can help you understand these boundaries.

A parenting coordinator may not change larger issues such as overall custody. Yet, from time to time a parenting coordinator may in fact make such changes. These changes then have to be resolved in court. In the meantime, untoward changes can cause havoc in the lives of the people involved.

Therefore, you want to engage a parenting coordinator who is knowledgeable about their and boundaries and respects those boundaries. Both mental health professionals and licensed attorneys may be parenting coordinators. However, licensed attorneys with a specialty in family law are often more aware of their parenting coordinator boundaries.

Alternatively, you may find that a mental health professional is better able to communicate with both parties regarding sticky situations. Mental health professionals are specifically trained to work with people through difficult times, including times of high levels of conflict. Sometimes, working with a mental health professional can make the process of coordinating smaller disputes and resolving them easier.

In essence, it depends on what the needs of the parties involved are.

Communication Styles Differ

Communication styles among parenting coordinators differ. Some are quick to respond. Others take a little longer to respond. Some are warm and friendly, while others are more detached.

The main advantage of using a parenting coordinator is the speed in which you can get a recommendation or decision on a fairly minor issue. Therefore, regardless of communication styles, it is helpful to work with a parenting coordinator who is able to resolve issues quickly. Often, this can be done by email.

Therefore, when looking for a parenting coordinator, you want one who works quickly and efficiently. A clear and concise communication style also helps.

General Preferences Among Coordinators

Let’s face it. We all have preferences. It may be easier to speak to women than men. We may have a preference for younger folks over older ones.

Over time, a parenting coordinator’s preferences become known in the community. A parenting coordinator may have a “strictly business” approach. This can save time and money.

Your Okmulgee family lawyer can help you understand what type of parenting coordinator might work best for you and for your situation.

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