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Your Local Attorney for Medical Marijuana

There is a “Greenrush” happening since the passage of State Question 788 allowing medical marijuana businesses and dispensaries to set up shop in Oklahoma. But with a web of federal, state and local laws impacting all such businesses, there are too few medical marijuana attorneys with practices that can handle these complex matters. These businesses need to connect with a solid medical marijuana attorney without delay if they have not yet engaged counsel.

Oklahoma is on the cutting edge of normalization of decriminalization of marijuana by joining the majority of states that are allowing legal production, sale and consumption of marijuana for medical purposes in defiance of federal drug law. Dispensaries and other businesses can best manage the risks around this unusual circumstance with expert counsel from medical marijuana lawyers like those practicing at Wirth Law Office in Okmulgee.

A Full-Service Medical Marijuana Attorney in Okmulgee

Nearly all legal practice areas impact the medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma. That’s why your business needs a medical marijuana attorney with the support of a network of regional Oklahoma lawyers possessing a wide range of expertise as well as experience directly with the medical marijuana field. A Wirth Law Office in Tulsa medical marijuana lawyer can help you with these matters and much more:

  • Establishing your business and entity formation
  • Business licensing
  • OMMA applications, renewals; licensing and compliance
  • Grower’s licenses under OMMA
  • OBNDD registration and other matters
  • Hemp Pilot Program applications and compliance
  • Agreements and vendor matters
  • NDAs
  • Employee legal issues
  • Zoning

With their direct sales to a consuming public, dispensaries have special issues that need a medical marijuana dispensary attorney to handle properly. We can help.

Medical Marijuana Lawyer for High Stakes Matters

Most legal matters in the medical marijuana industry are high stakes matters. Minor compliance issues that would have little or no consequences in other industries can result in criminal charges for owners of a dispensary, for example. With stakes so high, no business can afford to ignore their legal issues and fail to hire a medical marijuana attorney to help them stay on the right side of the law in Oklahoma.

First Consultation is Free

Call us and find out how we can help manage your legal issues and give you the peace of mind. Every medical marijuana business is different. Contact us to get a medical marijuana attorney who can tailor the right solutions to your situation: (918)-756-9600.

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