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  • Parenting Coordinators in Okmulgee: Blocking the Assignment

    However, there are times when having a parenting coordinator appointed can make a situation worse. Sometimes, it is the appointment of any parenting coordinator that needs to be challenged. Other times, it is the appointment of a specific parenting coordinator that needs to be blocked. Your Okmulgee child custody attorney can help you understand how and when blocking the assignment of a parenting coordinator is warranted.

    Each case is somewhat different. Likewise, each parenting coordinator is somewhat different. When seeking to block either a parenting coordinator appointment in general or a particular parenting coordinator, it is best to start with Oklahoma law.

  • Parenting Coordinators in Okmulgee: Ending the Assignment

    If you are thinking about ending the assignment of your parenting coordinator, the first place to check would be with your Okmulgee divorce attorney. They can help you understand your best course of action, and they will be there every step of the way.

    Typically, ending a parenting coordinator assignment happens by noticed motion before the court. When a parenting coordinator has been appointed by the court in a high conflict case, the motion must show that the parenting coordinator is either not meeting the needs of their position, or the case is no longer a high conflict case. To that end, it is helpful when both parents agree that this coordinator is not right for the case.

  • What Are Grounds for Divorce in Okmulgee, Oklahoma?

    Legal grounds or “reasons” for divorce vary quite a bit from state to state. Basically, these grounds for divorce in Oklahoma are based in either one spouse’s fault, or what is commonly called “no-fault” or incompatibility. Fault vs No-Fault Grounds For Divorce Oklahoma is a state that has both “fault” and “no-fault” divorce. When filing […]