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  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Professional Licenses

    When one parent falls behind in the payment of child support, it creates a problem for everyone involved. The other parent, usually the custodial parent, must try to absorb the loss and expenses must be cut. Often the custodial parent must work more hours if they are available to do so. If not, often the […]

  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Tax Refund Intercepts

    The state of Oklahoma has a vested interest in making sure that its children are cared for. Every parent has an obligation to support their children. Sometimes though, parents fall behind in that obligation. When courts order child support, that order is enforceable. If a parent falls behind in child support, the law provides a […]

  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Drivers Licenses

    Oklahoma law provides a number of tools to help in the enforcement of child support. The suspension of drivers licenses is one of those tools. It is a tool that is somewhat controversial in it application and effectiveness. Thus, it is often not the first tool of choice for many custodial parents seeking to collect […]

  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Passport Holds

    It is terrible to be owed back child support by a recalcitrant parent. Parents do fall behind sometimes. It can happen for a number of reasons. There are also times when a parent just doesn’t want to pay. Whatever the reasons, when delinquent child support payments are owed, everyone suffers. There are things the custodial […]

  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Garnishment

    Oklahoma provides plenty of tools for a parent to enforce a child support obligation. These tools cover a wide variety of possible situations. It is important to use the tools that most fit your particular situation. Garnishment is one such tool. It is also sometimes referred to as a wage assignment. Garnishment is a tool […]

  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Delinquent Payments

    One of the most difficult parts of divorce surrounds the issue of child support payments, especially delinquent payments. But Oklahoma law is clear on the subject. We are legally, morally, and ethically bound to support our children financially until they turn 18. That is the law and our duty as parents. Oklahoma child support payments […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: An Overview

    If you are facing an Okmulgee misdemeanor trial, it can be helpful to know about the steps that will most likely take place. It can also help to understand how your attorney can help your case at each step, including the various points to resolve your case along the way. Step One: Criminal Investigation A […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: Sentencing

    If you have reached this last phase of an Okmulgee misdemeanor trial, you have finished the trial and are ready for sentencing. Once sentencing is completed, the court process will have been completed. Learn More About Misdemeanor Sentencing During sentencing, the judge will issue an order that will state all the components of your sentence. […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: Trial

    This is the next stage of an Okmulgee misdemeanor trial — the trial itself. At this stage, all the earlier procedural steps have been completed. The arrest, arraignment, and pre-trial conferences have set the stage for the trial itself. Every step of a  criminal case is important. An experienced misdemeanor attorney’s representation at every step […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: Discovery Hearing

    Discovery, the exchange of information in any court case in Oklahoma, is governed by statutory and case law. You as a defendant in a criminal case are entitled to all the evidence that the prosecution has against you. Also, you entitled to all the evidence  the state has that tends to negate your guilt. This […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: Pre-Trial

    Pre-trial is that stage of a criminal proceeding before the actual trial. In criminal proceedings, judges will hold a pre-trial conference to ensure that both sides are ready to proceed to trial. Some judges hold that conference immediately before the trial. Others hold that conference a month or so before the trial date. What Happens […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: Motion Hearing

    A motion hearing in a misdemeanor case is an effective way to handle many of the issues in a case if it looks like it is going to go forward toward trial. Your attorney can bring a motion to ask the court for a particular kind of relief. You can ask the judge to exclude […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: Status Conference

    Often times in a misdemeanor case, the first status conference takes place soon after the arraignment. In a misdemeanor case, the status conference is often called by varying names depending on the courtroom. It can be called a conference, jury trial sounding docket, sounding docket, preliminary hearing conference, or status conference. The conference is informal. […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: Arraignment

    This is the third stage in the Okmulgee misdemeanor case. Arraignment is the first formal appearance in court. The defendant or the defendant’s attorney must appear. The charging documents are entered into the criminal case record and the defendant is formally informed of the prosecution’s charges. The First Steps In The Arraignment The court also […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: Bond Hearing

    When a warrant is issued for a defendant’s arrest, in many counties in Oklahoma, the bail amount or bond amount is automatically set according to a bail schedule. If a defendant would like to have the bail amount lowered when arrested, the defendant can request a bond hearing. However, it may take a couple of […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: Criminal Investigation

    The criminal investigation phase is not one we normally think of associating with the hiring of an attorney, but maybe it should be. The criminal investigation phase is really the first step of a misdemeanor criminal case. There are steps that an experienced Okmulgee misdemeanor defense attorney can take at this phase to help protect […]

  • Why Do Some Custodial Parents Have to Pay Child Support in Okmulgee?

    All parents in Oklahoma are required to support their children. The division of that support between the parents depends on a number of factors explored in this article.

  • Is Wage Garnishment Mandatory in an Okmulgee Child Support Case?

    Wage Garnishment, Another Name for Child Support Intercept In Oklahoma, it is mandatory that parents support their children financially. Most parents are more than willing to do that, even when times are stressful such as in the midst of a divorce, or when finances are difficult. But because there are times when a parent chooses […]

  • How Does a QDRO Affect Retirement Accounts in a Divorce?

    A Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or Quadro, allows for retirement savings to be allocated between spouses during divorce. Learn the ins and outs of QDROs in this article.

  • Do I Have to Pay Oklahoma Child Support if I Don’t Have a Job?

    If you lose your job, your child support obligation continues. Unpaid amounts continue to accrue and interest is applied. Your unemployment income may be garnished. Do not ignore the order. Get a modification if your circumstances warrant it.

  • What You Need to Know About Sexual Communication with a Minor

    Sexual communications with minors are prohibited in Oklahoma. They are prosecuted as felonies and a first offense can mean up to 20 years in prison.

  • Should I Try to Get Sole Custody of My Child in an Okmulgee Divorce?

    Oklahoma courts usually prefer that parents have joint custody of their children after divorce to ensure that both parents work together in rearing their children. There are situations in which sole custody is granted. This article explains some of those situations.

  • Can I Keep My Oklahoma CDL After Getting a Traffic Ticket?

    Hiring an attorney to protect your CDL is an important step if you are facing a traffic ticket in Okmulgee Oklahoma. Here are some things you might want to know.

  • Should I Fight a Speeding Ticket in Okmulgee?

    While fighting a speeding ticket in Okmulgee isn’t always worth it, there are some situations in which it is necessary. In those cases, it is always better to have an attorney’s help.

  • Okmulgee Law: Application to Revoke a Suspended Sentence

    An application to revoke your suspended sentence can be brought by the state if you violate the terms of your probation. Learn what to do if you are facing an application to revoke.

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