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  • Consequences of Driving Under the Influence in Okmulgee: What You Need to Know

    Driving under the influence in Oklahoma can mean serious jail time. Penalties escalate with each conviction. Hire an experienced attorney to help.

  • How Can I Resolve a Warrant for Trespass After Forbidden in Okmulgee?

    Trespass after forbidden is a misdemeanor in Oklahoma. It can carry jail time depending on the circumstances. Hire a good attorney.

  • How Can I Fight a Okmulgee, Oklahoma Charge of Preventing a Witness from Giving Testimony?

    Preventing a witness from giving testimony in Oklahoma is a felony offense that carries stiff penalties. Contact an attorney to help build a defense.

  • What Are the Penalties for False, Fictitious or Fraudulent Claims Against the State in Okmulgee, Oklahoma?

    Making false or fraudulent claims against the state is a serious crime in Oklahoma. Most of the time, this crime is a felony with stiff penalties. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to help.

  • Contesting an Uttering a Forged Instrument Charge in Okmulgee, Oklahoma

    Uttering a forged instrument is a crime in Oklahoma. It is treated as third degree forgery and can mean jail from 1 to 7 years and a fine. Hire an attorney and get the help you need.

  • Fighting an Okmulgee First-Degree Burglary Charge

    First-degree burglary is a felony in Oklahoma and is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. You will need the help of an experienced attorney.

  • Defining Permitting Child Abuse by Injury in Okmulgee

    Child abuse by injury is prohibited by a number of Oklahoma statutes. The crime covers all kinds of abuse and penalties are harsh. If you are charged, you ill need an attorney to represent you.

  • How is Obtaining Controlled Dangerous Substances by Forgery Defined in Okmulgee, Oklahoma?

    Obtaining controlled dangerous substances by forgery is a serious felony in Oklahoma, punishable by years in prison. Get help if you are being charged.

  • Can I Fight a Public Intoxication Case in Okmulgee? What Are the Consequences?

    Public intoxication, including drinking (or other drugs) in public, or in a vehicle or being unruly and intoxicated in public is a misdemeanor. An attorney can help.

  • Consequences for Second-Degree Murder in Okmulgee, Oklahoma

    Second degree murder is a felony in Oklahoma. If convicted, you could spend more than 10 years in prison. Hire an attorney.

  • What Makes a No Drug Tax Stamp a Crime in Okmulgee, Oklahoma?

    Failure to have a drug tax stamp on illegal drugs is a felony in Oklahoma with both criminal and civil penalties. Hire an experienced attorney to protect your freedom.

  • Okmulgee Law: What is Second-Degree Rape in Oklahoma?

    Second-degree rape, or statutory rape, is a crime in Oklahoma, but not a crime of violence. If convicted, you could spend up to 15 years in prison. Get help from an Okmulgee criminal defense attorney.

  • What Are the Penalties for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle in Okmulgee?

    In Oklahoma, possession of a stolen vehicle can be charged under a number of statutes. All charges are felonies. Seek an attorney’s help.

  • Exploring Prostitution Laws in Okmulgee, Oklahoma

    In Okmulgee, prostitution may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances involved. Seek an attorney’s help.

  • Is Malicious Damage to Property a Misdemeanor or Felony in Okmulgee, Oklahoma?

    Malicious damage to property in Oklahoma can be treated either as a misdemeanor or as a felony depending on circumstances. Seek an attorney’s help.

  • When is a Pardon Required Before a Petition for Okmulgee Expungment Can Be Filed?

    Expungement Helps You Move On With Your Life  Getting an expungement of your criminal records can do wonders in helping you move on after a scrape with the law. Criminal records can and do interfere with your life long after you have finished your sentence and repaid your debt to society. But sometimes you must […]

  • Criminal Records Expungement Procedures in Okmulgee, Ok

    Although it may sound like a simple process to file a petition for criminal records expungement, it is a more complicated process than you might think, and it requires the time and attention of an experienced expungement attorney.  First Step: Do You Qualify For a Criminal Records Expungement? First, make sure that you are eligible […]

  • Do You Still Have an Arrest Record After Deferred Sentencing Expungement?

    Different Needs, Different Expungements  Let’s face it. Even the most responsible of us can have a run-in with the law. When we come out the other end, it is time to move on with our lives. Expungement can be an effective tool in that regard. Oklahoma has laws making expungement accessible so you can put […]

  • Do I Have to Tell Employers About My Conviction After Okmulgee Expungement?

    New Laws Make it Possible to Put Your Past Behind You Sooner  It is difficult to move on from a felony conviction. A criminal record from your past can stigmatize your present and future for years unless to take action to get an expungement. And new Oklahoma laws, passed in 2016, have made it easier […]

  • When Can an Okmulgee Domestic Protective Order Be Expunged?

    Protective orders are often necessary to calm things down in a troubled relationship. Judges often grant them in domestic abuse cases and in heated divorces.  These orders will stay on your record long after a troubled relationship resolves itself. And just like a criminal conviction, a protective order issued against you can have lasting negative […]

  • When to Apply for Pardon of an Old Criminal Conviction in Okmulgee Okla.

    An expungement can be a handy tool. They can help you get on with your life after a scrape with the law. However, there are times when a simple expungement is not so simple to obtain. There are lengthy waits for some expungments, and not all criminal convictions can be expunged. The law may also […]

  • Does Okmulgee Expungement Include OSCN and ODCR Ok Websites?

    Expunging or sealing your criminal record in Okmulgee, Oklahoma can be almost like waving a magic wand and undoing your criminal mistake. The right expungement can make it possible to seal every reference to your criminal record, including on websites such as OSCN and ODCR Ok. What Expungement of Court Records Does We have all […]

  • The Benefits of Expunging Okmulgee Ok Court Records

    If you have been convicted of a crime in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, the stress of court, serving time, and paying fines may be only the beginning of your difficulties. Having a criminal record can hold you back long after your sentence is completed. You could benefit from expungement of your Okmulgee Ok court records. Employment and […]

  • What Okmulgee Convictions Qualify for Expungement Oklahoma?

    The legislature recently amended expungement Oklahoma laws, enabling people to seal certain types of criminal convictions sooner. However, not every conviction will qualify for an expungement in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. It is important to understand what convictions qualify and what convictions do not. Situations and Convictions That Qualify A full expungement or sealing of your entire […]

  • Which Okmulgee County Court Records Can Be Expunged?

    There are many different kinds of Okmulgee County court records: civil, criminal, probate, and juvenile. In Oklahoma, expungement pertains to criminal court records of varying types. Different expungements are used for different records, and each type of expungement has its own qualifying criteria. In general, the following types of records can be expunged in Oklahoma: arrest […]

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