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  • How Can a Okmulgee Lawyer Help with a Conjoint Robbery Case?

    Okmulgee, Oklahoma has stringent laws for all felonies committed against people. Robbery, especially conjoint robbery, is an example of one such felony. Defining Robbery In order to understand what conjoint robbery is, it is important to first understand what robbery is under Oklahoma law. Robbery can be defined as the use of force or fear […]

  • Examining the Crime of Oklahoma Violation of a Protective Order

    In Okmulgee, Oklahoma protective order is an order issued by a court to protect a victim from contact with an offender. Protective orders are most often issued in cases of domestic abuse or to prevent stalking or harassment. The crime of Oklahoma violation of a protective order is a serious offense with a variety of […]

  • In Okmulgee, What is Oklahoma Burglary 1st Degree?

    In Okmulgee, a charge of Oklahoma burglary 1st degree should be taken seriously. All burglaries are considered felonies in Oklahoma and if you are convicted of a felony, it can change your life. FAQ: Oklahoma Burglary 1st Degree Burglary is based on the idea of breaking and entering with the intent to steal or to […]

  • Okmulgee Law on No Oklahoma Drug Tax Stamp

    All drugs sold in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, even illicit, must have a drug tax stamp. There are stiff penalties if you choose the option of no Oklahoma drug tax stamp. FAQ: No Oklahoma Drug Tax Stamp If you have never heard of it before, a stamp act is a law that requires a buyer or seller […]

  • What Happens when I Am Charged with Robbery with a Firearm Oklahoma?

    In analyzing what constitutes robbery with a firearm Oklahoma, it is important to first understand what robbery is and how it is treated in Okmulgee. What is Robbery in Okmulgee? Under Oklahoma law, robbery is defined as the wrongful taking of another person’s personal property from his or her person or from the immediate area […]

  • Charged with Making Criminal Threats Oklahoma? What to Know

    Words really can harm, especially if you are accused of making criminal threats Oklahoma. Simply threatening or planning violence in Muskogee is a serious criminal matter. What Are Criminal Threats Oklahoma? In Oklahoma, it is sufficient to attempt, conspire, or endeavor to perform a violent act to land you in jail. The law states that […]

  • Possession of Burglary Tools is a Crime in Okmulgee

    We value our possessions whether they are located in an Okmulgee, Oklahoma home or business. We want to know that they are safe and that we are safe within that premises. Burglary is an offense against property, but it is one that threatens the core of our beliefs about our safety, especially when the burglary […]

  • How Serious is Child Endangerment Oklahoma?

    Okmulgee laws protect the vulnerable, which is why the penalties for child endangerment Oklahoma are so strict. While being charged with child endangerment Oklahoma is less serious than being charged with physical or sexual abuse of a child, it is still a serious criminal matter. What is Child Endangerment Oklahoma? There are a number of […]

  • What is Okmulgee Burglary of a Vehicle?

    In Okmulgee, Oklahoma, burglary can be of the first or second degree, with burglary in the first degree being the more serious of the two crimes. Okmulgee burglary of a car is deemed second-degree burglary. Defining Okmulgee Burglary If you break and enter any of the following with the intent to steal or commit a […]

  • Fighting a Okmulgee DUI – Third Offense or More

    Getting an Okmulgee DUI is a serious matter, especially when it comes to repeat offenses. It doesn’t take much alcohol to impair driving. It is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .08% or higher in Oklahoma. (Okla. Stat. tit. 47 § 11-902) FAQ: Okmulgee DUI A number of […]

  • Do I Need an Okmulgee Attorney for a Child Abuse Oklahoma Charge?

    It is vital to understand what constitutes child abuse in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, especially if you or someone you know is being investigated. When child abuse Oklahoma is reported and investigated by the authorities, it can have devastating consequences for the family. Children are removed from the home during the investigation. If the caregiver or caregivers […]

  • How Can I Defend a Criminal Trespass Oklahoma Charge?

    If there is a posting on real property that prohibits entry and you willfully enter, you could be charged with criminal trespass Oklahoma. While this crime is generally handled as a misdemeanor in Okmulgee, any criminal trespass Oklahoma charge could dramatically impact your future. What is Criminal Trespass Oklahoma? The statute prohibits entry to any […]

  • Is a DUI in Okmulgee a Serious Matter?

    Driving under the influence, better known as DUI in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, is a serious legal matter. Thus, it is always best to refrain from drinking if you plan to drive. What Constitutes a DUI in Okmulgee? It is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher in […]

  • Intimidating a State’s Witness in Okmulgee, Ok. Could Cost You

    Intimidating a state’s witness Oklahoma is a serious legal offense, as it truly impacts the heart of the judicial system. We all want to believe that when a witness testifies in court, that the witness is telling the truth, free from any duress or coercion. In fact, witness testimony is so valued in our legal […]

  • What is the Punishment in Grand Larceny in Okmulgee Okla?

    Grand larceny in Oklahoma is defined by statute as either a taking of property worth in excess of $500, or the taking of property from the person of another regardless of the value of the property taken. All other larceny in Okmulgee is defined as petit larceny. (Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 1704) What is […]

  • Consequences for False Declaration of Ownership in Oklahoma

    The charge of false declaration of ownership in Oklahoma is most often raised in connection with a pawnshop transaction gone awry. To avoid the associated legal problems, always be honest when dealing with pawnshop transactions in Okmulgee. FAQ: False Declaration of Ownership in Oklahoma In Oklahoma, a pawnshop dealer must obtain a written declaration of ownership […]

  • Can I Fight a Vehicle Burglary Charge in Oklahoma? What Are the Consequences?

    Vehicle burglary in Okmulgee, Oklahoma can be categorized under the umbrella of burglary in general. Thus, it is helpful to first understand how a general burglary charge in Oklahoma works. What Constitutes a Burglary Charge in Oklahoma? Burglary is a crime of theft. Oklahoma seeks to protect its citizens and their homes from invasion and […]

  • What Are the Penalties for Indecent Exposure in Okmulgee?

    Flashing someone or streaking nude down a street may seem like a fun prank, but in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, this fun prank has serious consequences. The same statute that covers indecent exposure in Oklahoma also covers child pornography and soliciting a minor to perform in child pornography. (Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 1021) Given this frame, […]

  • Does a Conviction of Identity Theft in Oklahoma Mean Prison Time?

    Identity theft in Oklahoma is on the rise everywhere, not just in Okmulgee. It is a crime that can ruin a person’s finances and take years to unravel. Because the damage to a person can be so severe, all states, including Oklahoma, have begun cracking down on this crime. There is so much of our […]

  • Dealing with a Second-Degree Burglary Charge in Oklahoma? Learn More

    Any burglary charge in Oklahoma should be taken seriously. There are differences between first-degree burglary and second-degree burglary, and those differences may have serious consequences for those facing trials in Okmulgee. Dealing with a Burglary Charge in Oklahoma A first-degree burglary charge in Oklahoma is more serious than a second-degree burglary charge in the state. […]

  • Reckless Driving in Oklahoma: What You Need to Know

    A vehicle in the hands of a reckless driver may cause great harm or even death in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Thus, reckless driving in Oklahoma is treated as a serious crime. What is Reckless Driving in Oklahoma? Reckless driving in Oklahoma is defined as driving carelessly or wantonly and without regard for the safety of persons […]

  • How Serious is an Oklahoma Petit Larceny Charge?

    Okmulgee, Oklahoma law defines larceny as the taking of someone else’s property, with the intent to deprive them of it, through the use of fraud or stealth. (Okla. Stat. tit.21 § 1701.) To understand what an Oklahoma petit larceny (or shoplifting) charge is, it is best to look at grand larceny first. Grand larceny is […]

  • How Does the Law Define Threatening a Violent Act in Oklahoma?

    Thought you couldn’t be charged for a crime in Okmulgee, Oklahoma just for planning or saying something? Wrong. Even planning or threatening a violent act in Oklahoma can lead to serious criminal charges. FAQ: Threatening a Violent Act in Oklahoma Even if you do not actually cause harm to another person, you could still be charged […]

  • What Constitutes Failure to Register As a Sex Offender in Oklahoma?

    A person who has been convicted of a sexual offense is required to register as a sex offender in Okmulgee, Oklahoma with the local law enforcement agency and the department of corrections under the Offenders Registration Act. (Okla. Stat. Tit. § 581) Because of various amendments and reclassifications, it may be difficult to understand the […]

  • How Serious is Harboring a Fugitive in Oklahoma?

    Providing certain types of assistance to someone who is legally considered a “fugitive” in Okmulgee, Oklahoma is a crime. Even simple assistance like a meal, or a change of clothes could be considered harboring a fugitive in Oklahoma. You may also be under the obligation to provide the police with accurate information about the fugitive. Misleading […]

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