Okmulgee Lawyer BlogShould I Use a Non-Attorney Divorce Forms Drafting Service for Okmulgee, Oklahoma Divorce?

Should I use non-attorney divorce forms drafting service when trying to pursue my Oklahoma divorce attorney?While getting married is joyous and easy to do, getting divorced is one of the more difficult experiences anyone can go through. Not only must you face the end of a crumbling relationship, but divorce has significant financial and legal ramifications for years. With all that said, it may be tempting to use a non-attorney divorce forms drafting service for your Okmulgee divorce, but how you go about handling your divorce may affect your future for years.

You should know the upside and the downside of using this type of service before using them for your divorce.

Upside to Using a Non-Attorney Divorce Forms Drafting Service

The most obvious reason for using this type of service is money. This is the least expensive way to get a divorce.  This may be acceptable for a couple who has no money, no real assets to lose, and no children involved. But as soon as you add assets and children, divorce becomes much more complicated.

The Downside to Using a Non-Attorney Divorce Forms Drafting Service

Filing is only the first step in any divorce. There are hearings and negotiations and financial disclosures that are a part of any divorce proceeding. The more complicated the divorce, the more complicated all of the steps are in a divorce.

All pleadings filed in a divorce proceeding must comply fully with local and state laws. They must be legally sufficient. There are no standard divorce forms. And once you add assets or children to the mix, the pleadings can get complicated.

Many courts will have a service to help people comply with local and state rules in their pleadings. This kind of service is often used by people who are representing themselves in a divorce. And while these pleadings may comply with local and state rules, the help provided cannot substitute for that of an experienced family law attorney. These people do not hand out legal advice and they cannot know what is the best thing for you or your family.

For that, you need to have an attorney in your court.

As the process unfolds, you will have many questions. Who is the petitioner and who is the respondent? What if your spouse is asking you not to contest or respond to the pleading? Do you know what the consequences of that might be in your case? What happens if you or your spouse change terms or tactics midway through the divorce? How will that affect the outcome?

Are you unwittingly giving up rights or assets that you are unaware of? How will your children be affected by the proposed custody agreement?  Should you give your spouse alimony?

This can be a minefield if you are not careful. And unfortunately, the things you agree to now in a divorce will continue to affect your life — emotionally, physically and financially — for years.

It is always preferable to get the help of an attorney, especially if there are assets or children involved. Get the help you need.

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