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  • How is Child Custody Decided in an Okmulgee Divorce?

    If you are going through a divorce in Okmulgee and have children, you may have many questions about child custody. Whether you are considering divorce or are in the process of ending your marriage,  it is important to understand the laws about child custody as they pertain to your situation. Once a couple with children […]

  • Should I Use a Non-Attorney Divorce Forms Drafting Service for Okmulgee, Oklahoma Divorce?

    While getting married is joyous and easy to do, getting divorced is one of the more difficult experiences anyone can go through. Not only must you face the end of a crumbling relationship, but divorce has significant financial and legal ramifications for years. With all that said, it may be tempting to use a non-attorney […]

  • Who Gets the House in an Okmulgee Divorce?

    When a couple divorces, one of the tasks that must be taken care of the division of marital property in Okmulgee and all debt incurred or accrued during the course of the marriage. Most couples get married, save for a down payment, and then buy a house somewhere along the way during the course of […]

  • Should I Use a Self-Help Divorce Forms Service for Okmulgee Divorce?

    Divorce is a tumultuous time. Your world may seem like it is fragmenting as you look to end a marriage. It is a time when emotions are running high. It may be tempting to use a self-help forms divorce service in Oklahoma to prepare and file your divorce petition or your response to your spouse’s […]

  • Filing for Divorce in Okmulgee County

    Filing for divorce in Okmulgee County? Know what you must prepare. Knowing state and local law requirements for any court filing is a must. Oklahoma has civil procedure rules that govern the filing of all court documents. You must know what these rules require at all steps of the divorce. That allows you to know […]