Okmulgee Lawyer BlogCan I Get a DUI in Okmulgee for Using Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana Driving Restrictions

medical marijuana dui okmulgeeEven though medical marijuana is now legal throughout Oklahoma, there are certain restrictions on its use. One such restriction is while driving. You may think that if you have a medical marijuana card, you are allowed to use the drug anywhere. However, similarly to alcohol, that is not the case.

You can get a DUI in Okmulgee, and anywhere in Oklahoma, if you have marijuana in your system. If there’s any trace in your blood, urine, or hair follicles, you’re considered under the influence.

Having your medical marijuana card with you in the car doesn’t excuse you. It’s the equivalent of driving drunk and showing the cop on your driver’s license that you’re over 21. Just because you can legally drink or use marijuana doesn’t mean you can drive with alcohol or drugs in your system.

It’s easier to get a DUI with marijuana than with alcohol. While you can legally drive with a blood alcohol level below 0.08, if you have any detectable amount of marijuana in your system while you’re driving, you can get a DUI.

Medical Marijuana DUI

Driving under the influence of drugs is a DUI. If it’s your first offense, it’s a misdemeanor. The bond is $1,000. You could spend between 10 days and a year in jail and pay a fine of up to $1,000.

Just like with alcohol, it’s never a good idea to drive under the influence of drugs. While you may think you aren’t impaired, you can never be too safe. It’s best to take a cab, an Uber, or have a friend drive you. You have the right to use medical marijuana if you have a card, but you should exercise that right carefully and responsibly.

To avoid a DUI, don’t drive if you’ve used marijuana recently. Depending on the type of test that is used to find marijuana in your system, you could test positive anywhere from a day to a month after use. A saliva test will usually detect marijuana between 34 to 48 hours after use. That’s up to two days.

A urine test detects differently based on frequency of use. For people who use it less than twice a week, it can be found in their urine for 1-3 days. For people who use it several times a week, it can stay in their urine for 7 to 21 days, which is one to three weeks. For heavy users, it can be detected in their urine for a month or more.

A hair follicle test is most effective on daily users, and it can detect marijuana use from the last 90 days. A blood test usually only finds marijuana that was used up to 36 hours before, which is less than two days.

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