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professional licensesWhen one parent falls behind in the payment of child support, it creates a problem for everyone involved. The other parent, usually the custodial parent, must try to absorb the loss and expenses must be cut. Often the custodial parent must work more hours if they are available to do so. If not, often the custodial parent may have to apply for public assistance to cover the shortfall.

Finding ways to collect past due child support payments can be a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be. Oklahoma law provides a number of tools, including suspending or revoking a non-paying parent’s professional license. A stressed-out custodial parent can and should get legal help. An experienced Okmulgee child support lawyer can make the process work smoothly.

Suspension, Denial, And Revocation Of Professional Licenses

Oklahoma law allows the suspension, denial, and revocation of a number of licenses: driver’s, professional, occupational, recreational, and business. Professional licenses cover a number of occupations. These include doctors, psychotherapists, cosmetologists, CPAs, architects, dentists, engineers. The list of professions that require state licenses and certifications in Oklahoma is quite extensive.

In order to use this child support collection tool, the amount owed must be at least the equivalent of 90 days of past-due child support payments. This 90-day threshold also pertains to a parent’s failure to obtain or maintain health insurance coverage as required or failure to comply with subpoenas regarding child support proceedings.

When a parent applies for the license, the license can be denied. If the parent already holds the license, it can be either suspended or revoked.

It takes time, money, and a great deal of effort to obtain a professional license. License holders must obtain special training or education. They must meet state licensing criteria, often including many hours of practical hands-on training and a state-mandated test that a candidate must pass.

Thus, parents who have gone through so much to obtain a professional license have a strong incentive to protect it. An Okmulgee child support attorney can help.

How This Collection Tool Can Be Used

Because the parent has a strong incentive to protect their license, things can sometimes work out in a way that favors both parents. The parent who is owed the money must file a motion with the court requesting that the license be denied, suspended, or revoked. The court then sets a hearing date.

Rather than impose the suspension, a court may impose probation. During the probationary period, the parent must make all current payments and all past due payments. As long as the parent complies, they can retain their license. This can be a win-win situation.

This is one collection tool that it is best to have help with. An experienced Okmulgee family law attorney can make a difference between getting payments quickly and not getting them at all.

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