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Okmulgee misdemeanor trialThis is the next stage of an Okmulgee misdemeanor trial — the trial itself. At this stage, all the earlier procedural steps have been completed. The arrest, arraignment, and pre-trial conferences have set the stage for the trial itself. Every step of a  criminal case is important. An experienced misdemeanor attorney’s representation at every step helps to shape the outcome of the case.

What to Expect At A Misdemeanor Trial

A misdemeanor trial can be a bench trial or a jury trial. A bench trial is a trial just before the judge. Every defendant has the right to a jury trial.

You and your Okmulgee misdemeanor defense attorney have decided if it is best for you to have your trial before the judge or before a jury. However, even if the defendant waives their right to a jury trial, the state sometimes exerts its right to a jury trial.

Many of the procedural aspects between a bench trial and a jury trial are the same. Witnesses will be called, documents may be placed into evidence, and a trial brief will be prepared. Jury instructions will be needed in a jury trial.

Challenge The Evidence

If a defendant is facing trial, most often it is because there are problems with the state’s case. Remember, the state has the burden of proving every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. That is a high burden to meet. There may be significant issues with the state’s evidence.

It is your attorney’s job to challenge that evidence. That is why it is so important to have an experienced Okmulgee criminal defense attorney represent you, not only at the trial itself but also at each stage of the trial. There are opportunities to challenge evidence at other stages of the criminal proceeding.

Every trial is different, because every case is different.

Each Trial Is Different: Get Help For Your Trial

Small facts really matter. What happened in your case may or may not fit the elements of the crime charged. Sometimes, the state has weak evidence, but wants to proceed anyway.

Whatever the situation, you and your attorney will be prepared to challenge the state’s witnesses and evidence and to present your case to the judge or jury. To know what that will look like in your case, you need to consult with an experienced Okmulgee misdemeanor defense lawyer.

Free Consultation: Okmulgee Misdemeanor Defense Attorney

You should get help for all parts of your criminal case, but most especially for the trial. What you do really matters at this stage.

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