Okmulgee Lawyer BlogCan I Get an Oklahoma Child Support Modification if I Took a Pay Cut?

Oklahoma child support modificationChild support must be paid, hence it can be hard to get an Okmulgee, Oklahoma child support modification.

It is almost guaranteed that owed child support will be paid in Okmulgee, Oklahoma if a parent will initiate collection.

However, keep in mind that parents are not expected to provide for their children beyond their ability. There is no set standard of life that a parent must provide for their children beyond an adequate provision of the basics of life.

Oklahoma Child Support Modification

A parent can request a modification in child support payments if they get a significant reduction in income. Involuntary reduction in pay or hours worked or a layoff that leads to a lower-paying job are valid reasons to request a child support modification in Okmulgee, OK.

To request a child support modification, the parent who has taken a pay cut can ask the custodial parent to accept a temporary or permanent reduction in the amount paid. When both parents agree, a court can be petitioned to approve the new amounts to be paid in child support. Usually, a court will accept the new child support amount agreed to by the parents unless there are compelling reasons not to do so.

If the other parent refuses to agree to a reduction in child support, the matter goes to court. The non-custodial parent must prove to the court they did not desire the pay cut and are unable to meet their child support obligations.

If a parent intentionally changes jobs and gets a lower-paying job to pay less child support, the courts will frown on this. Such a parent may be denied his or her desired reduction in child support payments.

When a Parent Wants More Time with the Children

An interesting question for the court would be if a parent chooses to work fewer hours to spend more time with the children.

An Okmulgee family lawyer can help you present such a position before a court and argue your points before the judge. If this is the reason why you want a modification of your child support payments, talk to one of our lawyers today.

Courts will always do what they deem to be in the best interests of the child. Unless reducing child support would make it difficult for the custodial parent to provide adequate food, clothing, and shelter for the children, the court is likely to look favorably at a parent’s intention to spend more time with their children.

Are you seeking a modification in child support? Get expert legal advice from our lawyers. We are very experienced and knowledgeable in child support matters. Before you come to any conclusions about your situation, let our lawyers hear you out.

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