Okmulgee Lawyer for Tribal Courts

If you’re facing charges in a tribal courts, you don’t have to go it alone. You have a right to an attorney. You also have a need for an attorney – and not just any attorney. You need an attorney skilled and licensed to practice in tribal court. An Okmulgee lawyer for tribal courts can help you through the unique tribal legal process.

It can be a scarey situation to be face charges in any court of law, but if you or a loved one is facing a complaint in a tribal court it’s crucial that you’re represented by a lawyer with tribal experience.

Understanding Tribal Courts

It’s estimated that around 60 percent of the Native American tribes in the United States have some form of tribal justice system. The courts in Indian Country vary from tribe to tribe. The Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 allowed tribes to enact their own form of justice allowing for the creation of laws and to establish their own form of tribal courts. For the most part, modern tribal courts are operated under tribal control, and are established to meet the legal needs of tribal members.

What Types of Cases?

The US Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that 84% of the tribal courts handle misdemeanor cases out of 314 Native American tribes that took part in a survey. Of those courts 174 had a separate, general jurisdiction tribal court; 91 had an appellate court; 80 had a juvenile court; 51 had family court, and more than 60% provided victim services. An Okmulgee Lawyer for Tribal Court at our firm can help answer your question no matter where in the system your case is heard.

Free Consultation: Okmulgee Lawyer for Tribal Courts

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