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  • How are Criminal Sentences Determined In Oklahoma?

    Individuals facing jail time in Oklahoma are often uninformed concerning how criminal sentences are determined. After you have been convicted of the crime with which you are charged, the judge then determines the actual sentence  you will receive for the conviction. This article focuses on how a judge determines a criminal sentence in Oklahoma. The […]

  • What to Do After a Motor Vehicle Accident In Oklahoma

    Things can be quite hectic in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. You will be bombarded with concerns about your injuries, the well being of your passengers, the other driver(s), the condition of your car and who’s at fault. Thus, knowing ahead of time what to do after a motor vehicle accident will help […]

  • Filing Bankruptcy: Your Responsibilities

    Two of the biggest advantages to filing bankruptcy are the automatic stay of all legal actions against you, and the legal consultation you receive from the bankruptcy attorney you hire. The automatic protection from your creditors and the assistance you receive in negotiating with creditors and resolving your debt, along with the ability to stop […]

  • Can I File a Personal Injury Claim When I Share Liability for an Accident?

    It is not uncommon for more than one driver to be at fault in an automobile accident. Often, you are one of the persons at fault. Fortunately, in Oklahoma you can still file a personal injury claim or lawsuit when you share liability for an automobile accident. States differ on how shared liability affects an […]

  • Synthetic Marijuana Case Dismissed

    An Okmulgee County judge this week dismissed charges against a local convenience store owner accused of selling synthetic marijuana when an attorney for Wirth Law Office argued that the particular substances sold as potpourri or incense were not illegal at the time police raided the store. Legislators had earmarked a chemical in the blend to […]

  • What Effect Can Adultery Have on My Divorce in Oklahoma?

    Adultery can be extremely difficult for married couples to overcome. Statistics show that nearly half of all marriages will be affected by adultery at some point, and about one third of all marriages end because of infidelity. This article explores the effect adultery can have on a divorce in Oklahoma. Adultery Adultery is defined by […]

  • Six Simple Estate Planning Tips

    Planning one’s estate is a wise endeavor for all, regardless of marital status or family situation. Everyone should take the necessary steps to provide for loved ones and dispose of property in the event of death. An experienced estate planning attorney can assist you to protect your interests and to ensure that your desires are […]

  • Will I Get More Money From Social Security If I Delay My Retirement?

    When reaching retirement age, many people wonder if there are any advantages to delaying social security benefits. The answer is yes – some may be entitled to greater Social Security benefit payments if they delay their retirement past full retirement age. Read on for more information. Delaying Retirement Social Security benefit payments are available from the age […]

  • How Can I Know What The Prescribed Punishment For My Crime is In Oklahoma?

    A sentence is the final pronouncement of the punishment that you will receive for the particular crime for which you have been convicted. The jury in a court of law is sometimes allowed to recommend a sentence to the court, but it is the judge who ultimately makes the final decision. The sentence you receive […]

  • Can I Have My Marriage Annulled in Oklahoma?

    There are many reasons why you may be looking to to obtain an annulment, for instance to avoid the social stigma of divorce or because your religion or culture frowns upon divorce. Regardless of why you want to have your marriage annulled, you can do so in Oklahoma only if you meet certain conditions. Divorce […]

  • Court OKs Child Support Modification after Job Change

    You quit your job to find better work. You didn’t get the job you expected to land and now you’re asking the court to reduce your child support obligations. You no longer bring home anything close to your former salary. Your former spouse cries foul. After all, you lost your job as a result of […]

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