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  • Can I Fight a Vehicle Burglary Charge in Oklahoma?

    Vehicle burglary in Okmulgee, Oklahoma can be categorized under the umbrella of burglary in general. Thus, it is helpful to first understand how a general burglary charge in Oklahoma works. What Constitutes a Burglary Charge in Oklahoma? Burglary is a crime of theft. Oklahoma seeks to protect its citizens and their homes from invasion and […]

  • What Are the Penalties for Indecent Exposure in Okmulgee?

    Flashing someone or streaking nude down a street may seem like a fun prank, but in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, this fun prank has serious consequences. The same statute that covers indecent exposure in Oklahoma also covers child pornography and soliciting a minor to perform in child pornography. Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 1021 Given this frame, […]

  • Does a Conviction of Identity Theft in Oklahoma Mean Prison Time?

    Identity theft in Oklahoma is on the rise everywhere, not just in Okmulgee. It is a crime that can ruin a person’s finances and take years to unravel. Because the damage to a person can be so severe, all states, including Oklahoma, have begun cracking down on this crime. There is so much of our […]

  • Dealing with a Second-Degree Burglary Charge in Oklahoma? Learn More

    Any burglary charge in Oklahoma should be taken seriously. There are differences between first-degree burglary and second-degree burglary, and those differences may have serious consequences for those facing trials in Okmulgee. Dealing with a Burglary Charge in Oklahoma A first-degree burglary charge in Oklahoma is more serious than a second-degree burglary charge in the state. […]

  • Reckless Driving in Oklahoma: What You Need to Know

    A vehicle in the hands of a reckless driver may cause great harm or even death in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Thus, reckless driving in Oklahoma is treated as a serious crime. What is Reckless Driving in Oklahoma? Reckless driving in Oklahoma is defined as driving carelessly or wantonly and without regard for the safety of persons […]

  • How Serious is an Oklahoma Petit Larceny Charge?

    Okmulgee, Oklahoma law defines larceny as the taking of someone else’s property, with the intent to deprive them of it, through the use of fraud or stealth. Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 1701 To understand what an Oklahoma petit larceny (or shoplifting) charge is, it is best to look at grand larceny first. Grand larceny […]

  • How Does the Law Define Threatening a Violent Act in Oklahoma?

    Thought you couldn’t be charged for a crime in Okmulgee, Oklahoma just for planning or saying something? Wrong. Even planning or threatening a violent act in Oklahoma can lead to serious criminal charges. FAQ: Threatening a Violent Act in Oklahoma Even if you do not actually cause harm to another person, you could still be charged […]

  • What Constitutes Failure to Register As a Sex Offender in Oklahoma?

    A person who has been convicted of a sexual offense is required to register as a sex offender in Okmulgee, Oklahoma with the local law enforcement agency and the department of corrections under the Offenders Registration Act. Because of various amendments and reclassifications, it may be difficult to understand the registration requirements. Unfortunately, this can […]

  • How Serious is Harboring a Fugitive in Oklahoma?

    Providing certain types of assistance to someone who is legally considered a “fugitive” in Okmulgee, Oklahoma is a crime. Even simple assistance like a meal, or a change of clothes could be considered harboring a fugitive in Oklahoma. You may also be under the obligation to provide the police with accurate information about the fugitive. Misleading […]

  • How Can I Resolve a Warrant for a Delinquent Minor in Oklahoma?

    A minor or child in Okmulgee, Oklahoma is defined as any unmarried person less than 18 years of age. A delinquent minor in Oklahoma is a minor who has committed a crime or violated a court order. A warrant for the arrest or appearance in front of a judge may be issued for a minor in […]

  • How Can I Fight a Charge of Driving While Suspended in Oklahoma?

    You may not drive while your license is suspended in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Penalties for driving while suspended in Oklahoma can include fines, jail time, and further loss of your driving privileges.  A suspended license can also affect insurance renewal and make your daily life more difficult. FAQ: Driving While Suspended in Oklahoma Even after the period […]

  • How Serious is a No Proof of Insurance Ticket in Oklahoma?

    In Okmulgee, Oklahoma liability insurance for your car is mandatory and driving without insurance is against the law. Thus, a no proof of insurance ticket in Oklahoma is a potentially serious legal matter. Contacting a trained Okmulgee criminal defense lawyer is advisable in this situation so that you can make sure you protect your rights and […]

  • I Am Charged with Rape in Okmulgee, Now What Do I Do?

    A charge of rape in Okmulgee, Oklahoma can have serious implications. If you have been charged with rape, the best way to preserve your rights and prepare your defense is to contact an experienced Okmulgee criminal defense lawyer immediately. Rape in Okmulgee, Oklahoma is a felony that can be punishable by as much as life in […]

  • Examining Drug Paraphernalia Laws in Oklahoma

    A drug related charge might carry serious consequences lasting well beyond the sentence and conviction. It may negatively impact your future ability to get a job for instance. Any drug charge should not be taken lightly, including those filed under drug paraphernalia laws in Oklahoma. Possession of drug paraphernalia in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, is a crime, […]

  • What Makes Something Possession of Stolen Property in Oklahoma?

    When a deal seems too good to be true in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, it generally is. Don’t get caught in possession of stolen property in Oklahoma or you can face serious consequences like jail time. What is Possession of Stolen Property in Oklahoma? Possession of stolen property in Oklahoma is a felony offense. Okmulgee, Oklahoma law requires that you […]

  • What is Accessory to a Felony in Oklahoma?

    Wanting to help someone you know may seem well-intentioned. However, if you know that the person committed a crime in or near Okmulgee, Oklahoma, you could end up being charged as an accessory to a felony in Oklahoma. What is Accessory to a Felony in Oklahoma? A felony offense is any crime that may be punishable by more […]

  • What Constitutes Bribery Charges in Oklahoma?

    Giving someone a gift in exchange for doing you a favor may seem harmless in Okmulgee, but it may cause you to face bribery charges in Oklahoma. Bribery in Okmulgee, Oklahoma is a serious felony charge that can lead to heavy fines and possible prison sentences. FAQ: Bribery Charges in Oklahoma The law in Okmulgee, […]

  • How Can I Fight Okmulgee, Oklahoma Robbery Charges?

    Okmulgee, Oklahoma robbery charges are serious and can carry long prison sentences. To convict someone of Oklahoma robbery charges, the prosecution must prove every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. FAQ: Oklahoma Robbery Charges The elements of robbery in Okmulgee, Oklahoma are as follows: the wrongful taking of personal property in the possession of another, […]

  • Examining Oklahoma Hit and Run Laws

    In Okmulgee, if you are in control of a motor vehicle and you have an accident with a person, place, or thing you have a duty under Oklahoma hit and run laws to stop and remain as close as possible to the scene until the accident is reported. If anyone was injured in the accident […]

  • What is Fleeing and Eluding Police in Oklahoma?

    Fleeing and eluding police in Oklahoma can be a serious crime. Eluding is the act of avoiding or attempt to escape from any sheriff, policeman, or any other law enforcement officer whose duty it is to enforce and preserve the public peace. You can be charged with fleeing and eluding police in Oklahoma under many […]

  • Contesting a Charge of Assault in Okmulgee, OK

    Even if no one was injured and you were only trying to scare someone, you can be charged with assault in Okmulgee, OK. Assault charges in Oklahoma do not require actual injury, only that the victim reasonably felt an apprehension of injury. What is Assault in Okmulgee OK? Although assault and battery are separate distinct […]

  • Is the Owner Responsible for Injuries Caused by an Okmulgee Dog Bite?

    A dog owner in Oklahoma has a duty to act in a reasonable manner to prevent his or her dog from roaming in areas where it is free to attack and bite unsuspecting citizens. If the dog owner breaches this duty of care, he or she may be liable under a negligence theory for any […]

  • What Every Driver Needs to Do After a Car Accident in Oklahoma

    After a car accident in Oklahoma, the shock likely has your mind scrambled.  It’s hard to know what steps to take. However, what you do even in the seconds after your Okmulgee auto accident can make a huge difference in the outcome. This is especially true if you have been injured due to someone else causing […]

  • Basic Concepts of Negligence in Oklahoma Injury Law

    The most common type of Okmulgee personal injury claim is for alleged negligence in Oklahoma. Negligence means that someone owed a duty of care to you and then breached that duty of care.  Because of the breach of that duty of care, you suffered a loss – emotional, physical, or otherwise. Negligence in Oklahoma Basics In Okmulgee, […]

  • How Long Do I Have to File an Oklahoma Personal Injury Claim in Okmulgee?

    Even the strongest Okmulgee, Oklahoma personal injury claims have an expiration date. Under state law, the deadline by which you must file an Oklahoma personal injury claim is called the statute of limitations. Filing Your Oklahoma Personal Injury Claim For the vast majority of Oklahoma personal injury claims, the statute of limitations is two years from […]

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