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  • Parenting Coordinators in Okmulgee: Blocking the Assignment

    However, there are times when having a parenting coordinator appointed can make a situation worse. Sometimes, it is the appointment of any parenting coordinator that needs to be challenged. Other times, it is the appointment of a specific parenting coordinator that needs to be blocked. Your Okmulgee child custody attorney can help you understand how and when blocking the assignment of a parenting coordinator is warranted.

    Each case is somewhat different. Likewise, each parenting coordinator is somewhat different. When seeking to block either a parenting coordinator appointment in general or a particular parenting coordinator, it is best to start with Oklahoma law.

  • Parenting Coordinators in Okmulgee: Ending the Assignment

    If you are thinking about ending the assignment of your parenting coordinator, the first place to check would be with your Okmulgee divorce attorney. They can help you understand your best course of action, and they will be there every step of the way.

    Typically, ending a parenting coordinator assignment happens by noticed motion before the court. When a parenting coordinator has been appointed by the court in a high conflict case, the motion must show that the parenting coordinator is either not meeting the needs of their position, or the case is no longer a high conflict case. To that end, it is helpful when both parents agree that this coordinator is not right for the case.

  • Can Okmulgee Police Question My Child When I’m Not There?

    The age of consent in Oklahoma is 16. This means that anyone under the age of 16 needs a parent or guardian’s permission or supervision for certain things. If you are the parent or guardian of a child younger than 16, and the child gets arrested or bought in for questioning, there’s only so much the police can do without you there.

    It is not illegal for the police or other law enforcement to question a minor without a parent or guardian present. They are technically allowed to do so. That being said, any information they obtain from this questioning is not admissible in court. Neither is any evidence that they find based on the information.

    If you are the parent of legal guardian of a child younger than 16, and they have been questioned by law enforcement without you present, it’s important that you contact an Okmulgee defense attorney to ensure that any information they gave is not admissible in court.

    The defense attorneys at Wirth Law Office – Okmulgee can help you understand your child’s rights in this situation. If your child hasn’t been questioned yet but is expecting to be, make sure that you’re there. It will also help to have a lawyer on your side.

  • Can I Exercise My Right to Remain Silent in an Okmulgee Civil Court Case?

    Whether you’ve heard it on TV or in person, you’re familiar with the right to remain silent. The police are required to read it to anyone they arrest as part of their Miranda Rights. This right allows people to refuse to talk without a lawyer present or even let their lawyer speak on their behalf.

    It comes in handy when you consider the second part of the declaration, which is that anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Many people opt to keep quiet for fear of incriminating themselves if they do speak.

    In some civil cases, you may be asked a question whose answer could implicate you in a crime. In that case, you could plead the Fifth and exercise your right to remain silent. However, you’d be forfeiting your right to testify at all in the case. Additionally, the court is allowed to draw negative inferences from your silence, which is something they can’t do in a criminal case.

    If you’re involved in a civil case and have questions about when you have the right to remain silent, contact a defense attorney from Wirth Law Office – Okmulgee. They can advise you on how to move forward. For a free consultation, call (918) 756-9600 or fill out the form at the top of this page.

  • How Long Does It Take To Expunge Court Records in Okmulgee County?

    If you have a criminal record in Okmulgee, you may be able to get it expunged. Expungement seals and eventually destroys court and/or arrest records. It becomes as if the crime was never committed and you were never charged.

    Expungement is a great way to get a clean slate and start fresh. Criminal records show up on background checks, which can limit your opportunities for housing, employment, and even dating. If you’d like to find out if you could qualify for expungement, get in touch with an Okmulgee expungement attorney today.

    Okmulgee attorneys can answer your questions, help determine your eligibility, and explain the process. It’s important that you understand what to expect moving forward. The knowledgeable Okmulgee attorneys at Wirth Law Office are familiar with the process, and they can walk you through it. For a free consultation with an expungement attorney from Wirth Law Office – Okmulgee, call (918) 756-9600 or fill out the form at the top of the page.

  • How to Protect Your Privacy in an Okmulgee Divorce

    If you’re going through a divorce in Okmulgee, there are ways you can protect your privacy. You may not want people to be able to access records of your divorce for one reason or another. Maybe you don’t want certain people in your future knowing you had a divorce, or maybe you just want to keep the details private.

    What you may not know is the civil records filed with the court are generally public, which means they are available at the courthouse in the county where the case took place. They are also often available online at sites like oscn.net and odcr.com. This means that anyone can get these records from the Internet or the courthouse.

    Perhaps the best and simplest way to keep your divorce record private is to alter your name on the record. While your legal name has to be used in the documents, you can use a variation of it on the official listing. One way to do this is to use your first initial and your last name. This is especially useful if you have a common last name.

    Whether you try to get the record sealed, file in a different county, or alter your name, you may be able to make your divorce record less accessible.

  • Can I Get a DUI in Okmulgee for Using Medical Marijuana?

    You can get a DUI in Okmulgee, and anywhere in Oklahoma, if you have marijuana in your system. If there’s any trace in your blood, urine, or hair follicles, you’re considered under the influence. Having your medical marijuana card with you in the car doesn’t excuse you.

    Driving under the influence of drugs is a DUI. If it’s your first offense, it’s a misdemeanor. The bond is $1,000. You could spend between 10 days and a year in jail and pay a fine of up to $1,000. 

    If you’re facing a DUI charge for driving with marijuana in your system, you’ll need strong representation from a skilled Okmulgee criminal defense attorney. For a free consultation, call (918) 756-9600.

  • Selecting The Right Parenting Coordinator

    Parenting coordinators in Okmulgee are basically divided between two groups of professional fields. Both fields provide parenting coordinators with skills. Basic skills include knowledge of the law, good communication skills, and knowledge with regard to issues facing divorcing couples with children. Some parenting coordinators are attorneys with a significant amount of experience with family law […]

  • Parenting Coordinator In Oklahoma: Who Pays?

    A parenting coordinator in Oklahoma charges money for the services they provide. Therefore, you may be curious about who pays for parenting coordinator services. Parents pay a parenting coordinator’s fees. Usually, it is money well spent. In the long run, parenting coordinators can save parents hundreds if not thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees and […]

  • Parenting Coordinators In Oklahoma: Who Qualifies

    So, you may be in the market for parenting coordinators in Oklahoma. Thus, you may be wondering what qualifications you should be looking for in a parenting coordinator. Parenting coordinators are licensed professionals. They are experienced in terms of working with families and have a legal background. When you’re shopping around for a parenting coordinator, […]

  • Parenting Coordinators In Okmulgee: Relevant Issues

    Custody cases in Oklahoma can be messy long after the divorce itself is final. That is because visitation, custody, and child support continue to be ongoing issues until the child or children of the marriage reach the age of majority. Therefore, parenting coordinators in Okmulgee can be helpful to divorcing couples. When Can Parenting Coordinators […]

  • Parenting Coordinators In Okmulgee: 6 Things You Must Know

    Parenting coordinators can make many things go more smoothly when children are involved in the divorce. They are appointed in high-conflict cases and even in cases where parents agree. They can quickly resolve smaller issues between parents concerning the children of the marriage. This can save the parents time, money, and aggravation. Your Okmulgee child […]

  • What Is A Parenting Coordinator In Okmulgee?

    If you are new to the divorce process with children in Oklahoma, you may not have heard about parenting coordinators before. But if you and your spouse have children and are involved (or will be involved) in a divorce, you will likely have to work with a parenting coordinator in Okmulgee. Your divorce attorney can […]

  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Statute Of Limitations

    We all want our children to thrive. We love and nurture them. Along with the loving feelings we have toward our children, we also have moral, legal, and ethical responsibilities toward them. Supporting our children is chief among those responsibilities. The obligation to support your child continues whether the parents are married or divorced. Collecting […]

  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Contempt Of Court

    Oklahoma law allows a number of tools to aid the collection of past due child support. Some of these tools work better than others. Their use depends on the circumstances of each case. Tools include wage garnishment, levying against property, intercepting tax returns, suspending licenses, and contempt of court. Wage garnishments work well when a […]

  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Professional Licenses

    When one parent falls behind in the payment of child support, it creates a problem for everyone involved. The other parent, usually the custodial parent, must try to absorb the loss and expenses must be cut. Often the custodial parent must work more hours if they are available to do so. If not, often the […]

  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Tax Refund Intercepts

    The state of Oklahoma has a vested interest in making sure that its children are cared for. Every parent has an obligation to support their children. Sometimes though, parents fall behind in that obligation. When courts order child support, that order is enforceable. If a parent falls behind in child support, the law provides a […]

  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Drivers Licenses

    Oklahoma law provides a number of tools to help in the enforcement of child support. The suspension of drivers licenses is one of those tools. It is a tool that is somewhat controversial in it application and effectiveness. Thus, it is often not the first tool of choice for many custodial parents seeking to collect […]

  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Passport Holds

    It is terrible to be owed back child support by a recalcitrant parent. Parents do fall behind sometimes. It can happen for a number of reasons. There are also times when a parent just doesn’t want to pay. Whatever the reasons, when delinquent child support payments are owed, everyone suffers. There are things the custodial […]

  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Garnishment

    Oklahoma provides plenty of tools for a parent to enforce a child support obligation. These tools cover a wide variety of possible situations. It is important to use the tools that most fit your particular situation. Garnishment is one such tool. It is also sometimes referred to as a wage assignment. Garnishment is a tool […]

  • Collecting Child Support In Okmulgee County: Delinquent Payments

    One of the most difficult parts of divorce surrounds the issue of child support payments, especially delinquent payments. But Oklahoma law is clear on the subject. We are legally, morally, and ethically bound to support our children financially until they turn 18. That is the law and our duty as parents. Oklahoma child support payments […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: An Overview

    If you are facing an Okmulgee misdemeanor trial, it can be helpful to know about the steps that will most likely take place. It can also help to understand how your attorney can help your case at each step, including the various points to resolve your case along the way. Step One: Criminal Investigation A […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: Sentencing

    If you have reached this last phase of an Okmulgee misdemeanor trial, you have finished the trial and are ready for sentencing. Once sentencing is completed, the court process will have been completed. Learn More About Misdemeanor Sentencing During sentencing, the judge will issue an order that will state all the components of your sentence. […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: Trial

    This is the next stage of an Okmulgee misdemeanor trial — the trial itself. At this stage, all the earlier procedural steps have been completed. The arrest, arraignment, and pre-trial conferences have set the stage for the trial itself. Every step of a  criminal case is important. An experienced misdemeanor attorney’s representation at every step […]

  • Steps In An Okmulgee Misdemeanor Case: Discovery Hearing

    Discovery, the exchange of information in any court case in Oklahoma, is governed by statutory and case law. You as a defendant in a criminal case are entitled to all the evidence that the prosecution has against you. Also, you entitled to all the evidence  the state has that tends to negate your guilt. This […]

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