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  • Why Do Some Custodial Parents Have to Pay Child Support in Okmulgee?

    All parents in Oklahoma are required to support their children. The division of that support between the parents depends on a number of factors explored in this article.

  • Is Wage Garnishment Mandatory in an Okmulgee Child Support Case?

    Wage Garnishment, Another Name for Child Support Intercept In Oklahoma, it is mandatory that parents support their children financially. Most parents are more than willing to do that, even when times are stressful such as in the midst of a divorce, or when finances are difficult. But because there are times when a parent chooses […]

  • How Does a QDRO Affect Retirement Accounts in a Divorce?

    A Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or Quadro, allows for retirement savings to be allocated between spouses during divorce. Learn the ins and outs of QDROs in this article.

  • Do I Have to Pay Oklahoma Child Support if I Don’t Have a Job?

    If you lose your job, your child support obligation continues. Unpaid amounts continue to accrue and interest is applied. Your unemployment income may be garnished. Do not ignore the order. Get a modification if your circumstances warrant it.

  • What You Need to Know About Sexual Communication with a Minor

    Sexual communications with minors are prohibited in Oklahoma. They are prosecuted as felonies and a first offense can mean up to 20 years in prison.

  • Should I Try to Get Sole Custody of My Child in an Okmulgee Divorce?

    Oklahoma courts usually prefer that parents have joint custody of their children after divorce to ensure that both parents work together in rearing their children. There are situations in which sole custody is granted. This article explains some of those situations.

  • Can I Keep My Oklahoma CDL After Getting a Traffic Ticket?

    Hiring an attorney to protect your CDL is an important step if you are facing a traffic ticket in Okmulgee Oklahoma. Here are some things you might want to know.

  • Should I Fight a Speeding Ticket in Okmulgee?

    While fighting a speeding ticket in Okmulgee isn’t always worth it, there are some situations in which it is necessary. In those cases, it is always better to have an attorney’s help.

  • Okmulgee Law: Application to Revoke a Suspended Sentence

    An application to revoke your suspended sentence can be brought by the state if you violate the terms of your probation. Learn what to do if you are facing an application to revoke.

  • Statutory Rape and the Age of Consent in Okmulgee

    Learn about the age of consent and statutory rape laws in Oklahoma here in this article.

  • Can I Get an Oklahoma Child Support Modification if I Took a Pay Cut?

    Child support must be paid, hence it can be hard to get an Okmulgee, Oklahoma child support modification. It is almost guaranteed that owed child support will be paid in Okmulgee, Oklahoma if a parent will initiate collection. However, keep in mind that parents are not expected to provide for their children beyond their ability. […]

  • Consequences of Not Paying Oklahoma Child Support

    In Okmulgee, Oklahoma child support is determined by a judge if the parents of a child cannot agree on an arrangement acceptable to the court. Not paying child support is violating a court order, even if both parents initially decided who pays what. Oklahoma Child Support Basics When you do not pay child support, only […]

  • How is Oklahoma Child Support Determined?

    Okmulgee, Oklahoma child support law embodies the concept that both parents should contribute to the upkeep of their children. When a divorce happens, parents tend to disagree a lot, and these disagreements may spill over to amounts of child support each parent should pay. Calculating Oklahoma Child Support The law is aware of the friction […]

  • Is Joint Custody in Oklahoma Better for a Child?

    Parents more than anyone else have the best interests of their children at heart, which is why so many Okmulgee, Oklahoma judges prefer to award joint custody when possible. When a marriage ends in divorce, the involvement of both parents in the life of the child is threatened. Raising children, however, can be a complex […]

  • How Can I Find Out if I Have Okmulgee, Oklahoma Criminal Charges?

    Finding out about criminal charges in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, can be scary. There are all sorts of ways of finding out that there are criminal charges pending against you. Each has an up side and a down side. And while none of them are pleasant, when criminal charges are pending against you, it is almost always […]

  • How is Child Custody Decided in an Okmulgee Divorce?

    If you are going through a divorce in Okmulgee and have children, you may have many questions about child custody. Whether you are considering divorce or are in the process of ending your marriage,  it is important to understand the laws about child custody as they pertain to your situation. Once a couple with children […]

  • Should I Use a Non-Attorney Divorce Forms Drafting Service for Okmulgee, Oklahoma Divorce?

    While getting married is joyous and easy to do, getting divorced is one of the more difficult experiences anyone can go through. Not only must you face the end of a crumbling relationship, but divorce has significant financial and legal ramifications for years. With all that said, it may be tempting to use a non-attorney […]

  • Who Gets the House in an Okmulgee Divorce?

    When a couple divorces, one of the tasks that must be taken care of the division of marital property in Okmulgee and all debt incurred or accrued during the course of the marriage. Most couples get married, save for a down payment, and then buy a house somewhere along the way during the course of […]

  • Should I Use a Self-Help Divorce Forms Service for Okmulgee Divorce?

    Divorce is a tumultuous time. Your world may seem like it is fragmenting as you look to end a marriage. It is a time when emotions are running high. It may be tempting to use a self-help forms divorce service in Oklahoma to prepare and file your divorce petition or your response to your spouse’s […]

  • What Are Grounds for Divorce in Okmulgee, Oklahoma?

    Legal grounds or “reasons” for divorce vary quite a bit from state to state. Basically, these grounds for divorce in Oklahoma are based in either one spouse’s fault, or what is commonly called “no-fault” or incompatibility. Fault vs No-Fault Grounds For Divorce Oklahoma is a state that has both “fault” and “no-fault” divorce. When filing […]

  • Filing for Divorce in Okmulgee County

    Filing for divorce in Okmulgee County? Know what you must prepare. Knowing state and local law requirements for any court filing is a must. Oklahoma has civil procedure rules that govern the filing of all court documents. You must know what these rules require at all steps of the divorce. That allows you to know […]

  • Should I Hire an Attorney for Okmulgee Criminal Charges?

    It can happen to any of us. We go about our daily business, and suddenly a situation changes, and through no fault of our own, we may face criminal charges. And though it may be tempting to go with a public defender or handle our own defense in that situation, there are very good reasons […]

  • Can I Clear an Okmulgee County Criminal Court Record?

    A clear criminal record in Okmulgee helps you move on with your life. You serve your time, comply with all the court’s orders, pay your fines and costs, and are finally free to move on with your life. Or so you think. You apply for a job, and one of the questions on the application […]

  • Where Can I Find Okmulgee County Court Records Online?

    Okmulgee County court records are available online. In fact, almost everything is available online these days. But oftentimes online information can be inaccurate, incomplete or simply not up to date. Information is always in flux, and so it may be that the information you seek online is only partially complete or partially accurate. This includes […]

  • What Happens in an Okmulgee Court with a Larceny from a Retailer Charge?

    Larceny from a retailer in Oklahoma provides escalation penalties for multiple convictions. The law also allows civil damages. Hire an attorney to help.

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